Psychodynamic counselling explores a person's thoughts and feelings in the here and now. It helps gain insight into thoughts and feelings making meaningful links to the past. In doing this, it develops awareness of how patterns of behaviour and relationships in the past can affect us in the present. This understanding gives opportunities to make different choices.

I am a qualified psychodynamic practitioner experienced in working with people who are:

  • Living with anxiety, low mood and low self worth.
  • Struggling with depression and lack of motivation.
  • Having suicidal thoughts.
  • Dealing with the impact of sexual abuse or other traumatic experiences.
  • Struggling to manage self-harming behaviour.
  • Experiencing complicated grief after bereavement.
  • Caring for relatives who are diagnosed or waiting a diagnosis of dementia.
  • Looking after relatives with complex learning disabilities, including autism.
  • Coming to terms with redundancy.
  • Struggling to cope with anger.
  • Learning to cope with retirement.
  • Feeling that life has lost all meaning.